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Moi Girls' High School - Eldoret is a National School located within Eldoret Town in Uasin Gishu County of Kenya.

Eldoret is a town about 400km to the North West of Nairobi City. It is on the main road from Nairobi to Kampala  Uganda, via Malaba.

From the Eldoret town centre, one would take a 2 km walk along the main road to Nairobi and branch off northwards (to the left) at the junction next to St. Matthews Anglican Cathedral, i.e before RUPA, along the Lumumba Avenue.Then one would proceed past the railway crossing to the school gate ahead. A large signboard bearing the school name and logo should be visible high up above the hedge near the school gate.

Address P. O. Box 140, Eldoret 30100
Tel: 053 61714
0721 969 756
Email: admin@moigirlseldoret.ac.ke
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