Welcome to Moi Girls' High School - Eldoret
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This is our school front. It is the symbol of our strong foundation and our pursuit for excellence.­


Moi Girls' High School - Eldoret is a national girls' boarding school managed by the school's Board of Governors. It is a Christian non-denominational school providing the secondary cycle of the 8-4-4 system of education.

Our Vision

To Be The Premier National School For Girls.
Our Mission­

To provide high quality education, nurture talent and innovation and to develop the moral

and spiritual well-being of each student in preparation for a life of service.

Guiding Values

We, the Moi Girls’ High School – Eldoret, in pursuit of excellence, cherish the following ideals

as our guiding values;

God-fearing:                                     Living a moral life based on reverence to God.

Innovativeness & Intellectualism:    Ability to use imagination to develop and apply original ideas.

Focused & Visionary:                       Having foresight and commitment to working hard and applying one’s resources to a given task.

Team Spirit:                                     Willingness to learn and share complementary skills and to foster mutual accountability

Embracing Excellence:                    Striving to stay relevant and to maintain healthy competitive standing both locally and globally.

Discerning & Disciplined:                 Ability to make good judgment and adaptability to diverse situations.

It is our commitment to nurture GIFTED 21st Century leaders.

Chairman of Board of Governors

Eng. Wallace Atim

Chairman of Parents and Teachers Association

Architect Simon Kazenzi

Chief Principal

Mrs Rosemary Wanaswa

Deputy Principal Academics

Mrs Truphosa Mengech

Deputy Principal Administration

Mrs Loice Karoney

Head Girl 2014/15

Sibyl Masengeli

Deputy Head Girls 2014/15

1. Lilian Kiama – Academics

2. Wendy Ego  – Student Affairs

Rallying Theme for 2015

Called to Worship God. (Matthew 4: 10b)





Alumni Get-Together

Sat 29th August 2015

at The Noble Hotel, Eldoret

(Beginning 3 pm)

Opening Day  - 2nd September 2015 (Students to report by 5.00 pm)

No Half-Term

Alumni Get-Together

Sat 26th September 2015

at The School (Beginning 11.00 a.m.)

Form 4 Prayer Day 4th October 2015

No Visiting Day 

Parents Association AGM Day - 7th November 2015 (Only Parents/Guardians are invited. Please do not bring children or other visitors)

Closing Day - (Tentatively) 12th November 2015

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