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Lord the pillar of our strength
Secret and power behind our success
Moi Girls beaconed with brilliance and poise
Allowing path to a great future

Our strength lies in unity
In out of class and all activities
Courage honour and industry
We endevour and we achieve

Our faith test first future bright
From strength to strength grows this to understand
And the whole world shall bear us witness
That we are victors in all things.

By Mercy Ogendi 4b


When they see our faces shine bright,
Our superwhite shirts
They wonder how we pull big stunts
How our work we execute
With no single unit obsolete
Teamwork is how we do it at Moi Girls-Eldoret

What do you do when the going gets tough.
How do you execute your work so perfectly.
Everything you do is 100% correct.
These are some of the things which make them wonder
why we rarely blunder
Teamwork is how we do it in Moi Girls-Eldoret.

Teamwork is our raymond blanket when it chills,
Teamwork is our Isuzu in tough business matters
Teamwork is our sling and therefore we fear no Goliathsize problem
Teamwork among the teachers, students, staff and Principal is
how we truly succeed.

We stand together for what we believe
We work for what must be done
We love each other in all that we do
And above all we give God the glory
This is what makes us the cream of the society.

From: Asego Salina 3b

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