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Dean of Students

Mrs Jemimah Choge


BOARDING:                                                Mrs Pauline Kosgei

GUIDANCE AND COUNSELLING:        Mrs Christine Kipkemboi

CO-CURRICULAR:                                   Mrs Veronica Mochama



Head of Department:

Mrs Charity Omulando

The school policy on admission is;

  • Accommodate all students in in the various houses as boarders.
  • All students in Form 1 to Form 3 are accommodated in cubicles, each shared between 2 girls
  • All students in Form 4 are accommodated in cubicles with each individual girl having a cubicle to herself.
  • Provide toilets in the dormitories in a ratio that is 1 toilet : no more than 9 students
  • Provide showers in a ratio that is 1 shower : no more than 5 students

 Students are provided with;

  • a bed
  • a quality mattress
  • a pillow and pillow case
  • two blankets
  • a pair of bed sheets which are washed and pressed every week in the school laundry facility
  • a personal locker

The school presently accommodates the students in nine dormitories (houses). A new dormitory complex, SUSWA, was completed in the year 2013 and it houses 320 students. Each of the dormitories/houses is managed by a house mistress (a teacher), assisted by a house matron who is responsible for two houses.


Students are responsible for the daily cleanliness of their dormitory. Once a week they are required to undertake a thorough cleaning exercise.

Every student should be in their respective sleeping place not later than 10.30 p.m. for a roll-call and are expected to have slept in their own beds not later than 11.00 p.m. Students are expected to be up at 5.30 a.m. and to have left the dormitory by 6.15 a.m.

A house meeting is held every week presided by the house captain. Any issues of concern are raised so that they can be addressed appropriately. Every so often, the house mistress and the house matron attend the meetings.


Head of Department

Mrs Emily Ayaya

Cateress:   Ms Peris Tigoi

It is the school policy to provide a balanced diet to the students, and offer high quality catering services. The students are normally invited to contribute their ideas on the desired menu, and any concerns raised regarding catering services are attended to promptly.

Catering services are provided in four dining halls, each with a capacity of about 400 students. The dining halls are;

  • The Amazon
  • The Mississippi
  • The Nile
  • The Rhine

Every student is provided with a plate, a spoon and a cup.

The daily cleaning of the dining halls is done by the catering staff. However, students undertake a weekly thorough cleaning exercise of the dining halls.

The school is currently constructing a central catering unit to serve all students, using funds availed by the National Government, through the Economic Stimulus Package. This project is hoped to enhance catering services delivery with efficiency and effectiveness.


Head of Department

HOD – Ms Leah Jemutai

It is school policy to provide a clean and healthy living and working environment for both students and staff.

The school has a sanatorium which is managed by a school nurse. All medical cases are attended to and drugs which can be dispensed by a nurse is given. All other cases that require a doctor”s attention are referred to the hospitals in Eldoret town as is advised by the parent on  their daughter’s admission. Arrangements are made by the school to transport any student requiring such attention. In the event that a student is not able to attend the normal school activities, they are admitted in the sanatorium which has a capacity of twenty beds, all of which are in private rooms.

The school in collaboration with the Parents Association has made arrangements for the vaccination of all new students who have not been vaccinated for Hepatitis B.

It is school policy to maintain a well conserved and aesthetic environment in the school. Trees, grass and flowers are planted and maintained with the deliberate intention to make the school beautiful. The school is also establishing a forest with an aim of being self sufficient in wood fuel requirements.



Head of Department

Mrs Christine Kipkemboi

The school mission is described by the need to prepare students for an academic performance that leads to a career of choice. It is school policy to provide as wide a curriculum as possible so that at the point of making career choices, a student is not limited.

The school facilitates the capacity building of staff to enable them give adequate and appropriate information to students to help in career choices. Latest information concerning university courses and those offered in other tertiary institutions both locally and abroad is available to students.

The school provides for weekly sessions in which experts in various careers specialization are invited to talk to students in order to provide useful information in career choices. This sessions are used for both inspiration and education.


Head of Department

Mrs Christine Kipkemboi

The school policy is informed by the mission statement which has in part the need to develop student character founded on the fear of God in preparation for a life of service.

The school places a lot of importance to the role of various arms of the school to give positive influence to the students. The department plays the pro-active role of providing useful information and investigating various indicators with an aim of dealing with negative influences before they take effect. Whenever circumstances appear to have manifested negative indicators, the department is able to take quick and effective mitigating measures.

This approach has helped us support our students in various situations. We have no serious discipline cases, and all of those that emerge out of the ordinary have been dealt with. We have never had to lose any of our students for cases of indiscipline except one in several years. The department works very closely with the parents or guardians.

This department plays an important role in guiding, educating, advising to help the students make informed decisions on aspects related to their careers, health, choice of friends, sexuality, academics and other related areas. The department uses an integrated approach whereby the whole life of the student in school is well supervised by the chaplaincy, house mistress, class-teachers, club patrons, parents and the school administration. Any student going astray is well guided in time to enable them achieve their desired goals after four years. The guidance and counselling departments thus coordinates with these other departments in preparing guidance and counselling programmes for the whole school, small groups and individual student who require help. We have allocated time for guidance every Tuesday of the week from 4.15 p.m. to 5:15 p.m.

We inspire our students on the foundational statement of the students identity; “I am a MOIGEAN! I am responsible! I conduct myself with dignity and integrity!” For the girls, this is their aspiration and inspiration.

The school is in the process of producing a document that will be a guided programme to expose the student to knowledge and information, through theirweekly class meetings, to help them develop in character and all round in a systematic way.


Head of Department

Mrs Lilian Kinuthia

Moi Girls High School Eldoret is a public school, therefore it operates on a budget that is shared between parents/guardians and the Government of Kenya.

The role of Government is;

  • Provide teachers and to pay salaries to all members of the teaching staff within the constraints of national budgetary allocation throuh the Teachers’ Service Commission. Our school is fortunate in having all its teaching staff falling within this category except for just a few.
  • Give grants for development projects every so often. This assistance is not guaranteed and sometimes the grants do not come.
  • Support the payment of school fees for every student through the Free Day Secondary Education programme by paying approximately sh 10,265 per student annually. This may soon be revised upwards.
The school management has kept focused on providing quality education as defined in the school mission.

    Quality education is an expensive undertaking. The school management has involved the parents’ representative very closely in the budget-making process so as to endorse the rationale of its annual budget proposals and ensure full support from the financiers. It is the commitment of the school management to ensure that the school books of finance are audited annually by the Ministry of Education. The annual audit reports have been very positive.

    While the annual fees requirement is reasonable and affordable to about 80% of all parents, it remains a challenge to;

    • About 10% who can manage only partly
    • About 10% who cannot manage at all and some of whom bring their daughters to school without even the  very basic personal needs

    The school management pursues a policy aimed at never allowing any of our students to drop out of school because of failure to pay school fees.

    In pursuit of the policy on school fees payment, the success of the school is based on;

    • Encouraging the parents or guardians who are able to pay the school fees to do so in time.
    • Working out a reasonable schedule for parents who may not pay fees at a go so as to give them an opportunity to spread out this challenge over a longer period.
    • Facilitating the efforts from individuals or organizations who are supporting the education of some of our students.
    • Seeking support for the education of some of our students who come from needy families.

    The Department of Fees and Bursary was established to;

    • manage the fees payment schedule in consultation of with the class teachers.
    • coordinate the communication with individuals or organizations which are supporting the fees payments of some of our students.
    • highlight the plight of identified students who come from disadvantaged families with the aim of attracting support for their education

    In the short term, we continue to seek support from individuals or organizations to enable us continue to make the quality education offered in this institution accessible to all deserving Kenyan girls.

    In the long term, we are seeking for support to establish a school endowment fund that would make the school self-supporting in bursary needs for students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. The details are available in another part of this web-site. In the  meantime, we laud all individuals and organizations who have come out in support of our needy, yet deserving students. Thank you all who have supported our students.



    Head of Department

    Mr Evans Mitaru

    The school vision describes the school as a ...centre of all-round excellence.... . In pursuit of this vision, the school attaches a lot of importance on games.

    Our goal is to enable all our students to participate regularly in games, and train those who are talented to participate competitively at the highest level possible. This is a programme that is ongoing. The school does very well in swimming, badminton, lawn tennis and basketball.

    The following games arear are functional;

    • Athletics                                          Eight lane standard athletics track
    • Badminton                                      One gym court and one school hall court
    • Basketball                                      Two standard concrete court
    • Football                                           One standard pitch
    • Handball                                         One grass pitch
    • Hockey                                            One grass pitch and one murram pitch
    • Lawn tennis                                    Seven murram courts 
    • Netball                                             Two grass pitches
    • Swimming                                       One standard five lane pool
    • Table tennis                                    Two indoor tables
    • Volleyball                                          Five grass pitches

    Students participate in games three times a week from 4:15 to 5:15 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. However they are also free to play any other times when away from other school engagements.

    Clubs and Societies

    Head of Department

    Mrs Leah Jemutai

    It is the school mission to nurture students talent in preparation for a life of service. One of the ways that this is pursued is through clubs. The school policy requires every student to be an active member of at least one club.

    Students meet in their clubs once a fortnight; every other Thursday from 4:15 – 5:15 p.m. Their activities are facilitated by a Patron who is appointed among the staff. The school has the following active clubs;

    • Mathematics
    • Science
    • Young Farmers
    • Wildlife & Environment
    • Journalism
    • Disaster Management
    • Red Cross
    • Rangers
    • Scouts 
    • Presidential Award
    • Art
    • Computer
    • Music
    • Drama
    • Talent Achievers
    • Home Science
    • Integrity


    The school has a well equipped library. Every class of form one and two have a library lesson every week. The library is open to students every day from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. all the days. Each of the two English dailies, Nation and Standard are available in the library for students. This also includes the daily Kiswahili newspaper, Taifa Leo.


    The school has 4 T.V. sets which are a source of information and entertainment for students. They are installed in each of the four dining halls

    Students watch TV when they are not in class and when no other school routine is interfered with. They have organized themselves so that specific channels are tuned in at specific dining halls to allow for choice or variety. A staff member oversees the program.

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