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1.  1.1.This project is called “REFURBISHMENT OF SANATORIUM”

1.2.Moi Girls’ High School – Eldoret is a public school that offers the secondary school cycle of the 8-4-4 system of education. It is an old school that was founded in 1928 as a school for European girls; daughters of the white settlers of East Africa. It is categorized as a National school which means that it is one of the 7 girls’ schools which admit the top performing students from all over the country on merit. The school admits about 180 students annually for a four year education programme.

1.3.The school has managed to maintain a high level of performance despite emerging challenges as government funding has decreased over time. Parents have worked with commitment to support various relevant and priority programmes and this has enabled the school to perform as one of the top twenty schools in the country. In the school strategic plan of 2007 – 2012, it was identified that well maintained school facilitieswould enable the school programmes to realize better output. However, the initial capital necessary for renovation of the existing school facilities beyond the reach of the school budget raised from the parents’ contributions.

1.4.The objectives of the project include;

1.4.1.   Providing basic health care to students in a clean and safe environment.

1.4.2.   Managing students’ medical conditions in a clean and safe environment.

1.5.The implementation will improve the environment in which the health and medical care services are rendered to individual students and the overall efficiency of the school management.

1.6.The school is seeking partners who would be willing to finance the implementation of the project in full or in part.  It is estimated that the implementation of the project would cost Ksh. 1,024,540.00


2.1.The school stake holders carried out a “SWOT” analysis of the school and it was established that among other things the school needed to renovate various physical facilities in order to provide services to students in an institution of world class standards.

2.2.As a leader in our field we feel obliged to set standards that are worth emulating by others of our category.

2.3.The school vision is “To be a centre of all round excellence and a first choice school for girls” will be best realized by enhancing our physical facilities.

2.4.The school is endowed with this facility that is unique considering almost all other institutions of our calibre. This would put the facility to more effective use.

2.5.The school budget that is funded by the school fees paid by parents of the students in the school planned to fund the recurrent expenditure of sanatorium maintenance.


3.1.The project is aimed at enabling students from Moi Girls’ High School – Eldoret to access medical care within close proximity. This would limit the interruption of the learning process to the minimum.

3.2.To enable the parents whose daughters learn in this school to attain the level of maintaining high quality physical facilities by jump-starting the renovation programme.


4.1.The project will be managed by the School’s Board of Governors. Representatives of the Parents and Teachers Association are members.

4.2.The school’s tendering committee, which has been constituted in line with the latest government policy of managing public funds, will be charged with the responsibility of coordinating the purchases of all requirements and hiring of any technical assistance. This will ensure that the school benefits from the advantages of open bidding.

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