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There is no single technique for achieving excellence in your studies or academics.

High performance is attained through a combination of understanding yourself; your strengths and limitations. Knowing what you want to achieve and ensuring you are in an environment where you enjoy working; where there is some freedom to achieve what you want.

Your route to improvement starts by getting to know yourself. The more you fully understand yourself, the more confident you will be. By understanding and playing to you strengths, you have a better chance of succeeding at your endeavors. Consider the following questions;

i.What are your strengths?

ii.What are your limitations?

iii.What do you enjoy doing?

         iv.What do you want to achieve?

By reflecting upon and analyzing your own characteristics and how you are perceived by others, you can begin to produce a plan for self-development and ultimate success.


Other people’s perceptions of you may be significantly at odds with your own view of yourself. Finding out what others think of you is an important element of self-exploration, and helps you modify your behaviour so that you can take up opportunities that you might otherwise have missed.

Grace Njunge, our candidate of year 2009 who emerged the top girl in KCSE 2009 attributed her success to the encouragement she received from friends and staff who believed in her more than she did of herself.

You may feel you lack confidence, or that you are too quiet, but others may see you primarily as someone who is trustworthy, honorable and wise. Conversely you may describe yourself as assertive and confident, while others see you as aggressive and avoid involving you in their projects. Other people’s views are important because they shape the way they behave towards you. That does not mean you should always please others, or change the person you are, but being aware of how others see you will enable you to change the signals you should send out. The only way to find out what others think of you is to ask. This can be done through a face-to-face interview or using a questionnaire. These questions should be simple and straight forward, e.g.;

i.Do I appear confident to you?

ii.Am I approachable?

                       iii.Do I communicate clearly?

In order to achieve high performance, you must be a smart student. It is not just enough to be in Moi G., you must be smart mentally.

A smart student;

i.Knows why she is in school.

ii.Respects fellow students and staff.

iii.Does her homework in time.

iv.Asks questions.

v.Gets involved in school activities.

vi.Cooperates with fellow students.

vii.Writes notes and refers to them.

viii.Dresses smartly all the time.

ix.Makes use of week-ends to clean-up.

x.Makes use of the library.

       xi.Prepares well for exams.

It is in pursuit of this proposals that we may realize the theme of the month of February; “Turning challenges to opportunities!

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