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Moi Girls’ High School – Eldoret has a long history dating back to 1928. It was first established the as a European Primary School to cater for the children of the British and Boer settlers in the then White Highlands of Kenya. The primary school was later renamed Highlands Primary School.

In the 1930’s, the school was moved across the Sosiani river to what is now Hill School. The need for a girls’ high school for the white settlers in Eastern Africa saw the founding of the present school. It was opened in 1954 with the name New Girls’ High School, as an extension of The European Girls School (The Kenya High School). The school was later renamed The Highlands School.

Most of the school buildings were put up between 1952 and 1957. However, the oldest structures are the ones currently accommodating the Music and French departments and were constructed in the early 1930’s.
The Highlands School triumphed both in academic and sports since the 1950’s and 1960’s.

After Kenya’s attainment of independence and self rule in 1963 and 1964 respectively, the school experienced a decline in number of students because the settlers began relocating to other countries. So In 1965, the first African students were admitted to the school through the government policy of integration. New members of the Board of Governors that were appointed included the first Africans who in turn elected Hon. D. T. arap Moi as the school board chairman. The school had him as the chairman of the board since then till 2007 when he formally retired.

In 1978, the school had its name changed from ‘The Highlands School’ to ‘Moi Girls’ High School – Eldoret’. This was done in honour of the long serving board chairman who had then risen to become the president of the Republic of Kenya that same year.

The school has had three chairpersons of the Board:

1954 – 1965 Lady Sidney
1965 - 2007 H. E. Hon. D. T. Arap Moi – retired President of the Republic of Kenya.
2007 to 2014 Dr Julius Kipng'etich – Director of the Kenya Wildlife Service.
2014 to date
Eng Wallace Atim

School Principals that have served in the school since then are:

1954 – 1965 Miss Biddle
1966 – 1967 Miss V. M. Barnes
1967 – 1969 Miss I. M. Glen
1970 – 1972 Mrs. E. Fripp
1972 – 1974 Mrs. A. A. Stevens
1975 – 1976 Miss J. Kidiga
1976 – 1983 Miss A. de Vlas
1983 - 2007 Mrs H. J. Cheramboss
2008 - 2009 Mrs J. Cheruiyot
2010 - 2012
Mrs M. C. Sang
2012 - 2014
Mrs J. Rotich
2014 -2017

Mrs. R. Wanaswa

2017 -2018
Mrs L. Karoney
2018 to date
Mrs C. Chunba

The School has had one motto since 1928:

’Honour, Courage and Industry’.

The school vision:

To be the premier national school for girls.

The school mission:

To provide a solid foundation on which every student can develop excellence in academic performance and character in school and beyond; prepared to serve in school, family and society with integrity to the glory of God.

The school slogan:


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